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Belrain Callarii

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Basic Information

Belrain, male Neutral (CG) Elf


Belrain is an elven man. Even when his pointed ears are hidden by his wildly unkempt mane of golden-blonde hair, his heritage is immediately obvious by his untamed nature. He stands an 5'3" and weighs barely 115 lbs. His earth-toned clothing are adorned with patterns of oak leaves to match his bright green eyes in contrast to his fair--nearly pale skin.


Belrain 's clan, the Callarii elves, are from the Radlebb Woods in central and western Karameikos. He lived a rather carefree life, knowing neither want nor pain up until, on a whim, he banded up with a group of adventurers passing through on their way to the legendary Palace of the Silver Princess. There, in that magical place hovering between this world and the Realm of Faerie that he first came to know pain, loss, and suffering at the hands of true evil.

Belrain had found his calling--to fight against evil wherever he may find it by any means necessary.

In his travels, Belrain has seen many amazing things which has made him come resent his sheltered upbringing: the brilliance of Mirror Bay in Specularum, the majesty of Loshad, the benign chevall protector of horses, the grandeur of the halls of the Order of the Gryphon, the austere reverence of the Hutaakan people. So, too, has he seen many more atrocities that has strengthened her resolve to combat the evils of the world from the calculated treachery of the Veiled Society to the cannibal goblins of the Dymrak Forest.

While rescuing a herd of wild horses from the Dymrak goblins, Belrain came to be awarded for his acts with his mount, Epona--a pure white mare, an elven pony, the symbol of his clan.

Belrain continues to travel with his companions from the Palace of the Silver Princess. Although he doesn't always get along with them, especially the dwarf named Rolf (a fact which is usually witnessed by way of playful bickering), he remains fiercely loyal to each and every one of them... even the dwarf. The most common source of discontent between Belrain and his party members is his choice of methods utilized when battling evil.

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