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Campaign Journal

Episode Number:
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List of Episodes

    Season One: In Search of Adventure

  1. The First Adventure, Fleetwood
  2. Into the Caves, Fleetwood
  3. The Ghost of Lion Castle, Felonius
  4. Maze of the Riddling Minotaur, Touchberry
  5. Blizzard Pass, Greegan
  6. Palace of the Silver Princess
  7. Castle Mistamere
  8. Castle Caldwell
  9. Dungeon of Terror
  10. In Search of the Unknown
  11. The Veiled Society
  12. The Sanctuary of Elwyn the Ardent

    Season Finale: Night's Dark Terror

  13. Night's Dark Terror
  14. Keep on the Borderlands
  15. The Lost Valley

    Season Two: It's a small world

  16. Corran Keep
  17. Belrain's Gold (Lathan's Gold), Belrain
  18. Isle of Dread
  19. Curse of Xanathon
  20. Chateau d'Ambreville

    Miniseries Special: Red Steel

  21. The Savage Coast

    Season Finale: Desert Nomads

  22. Master of the Desert Nomads
  23. Temple of Death

    Season Three: Wrath of the Immortals

    Miniseries Special: BLACKMOOR!

  24. Adventures in Blackmoor
  25. Temple of the Frog
  26. City of the Gods
  27. The Duchy of Ten

    Season Finale: The Immortals' Fury

    Season Four: Test of the Warlords

    Season Finale: ???

The inclusion of future "seasons" is included as an incentive to myself to continue with this current campaign, and as a teaser to my players as to what might come in the future. As any Traladaran gypsy will tell you, the future is not set in stone... Beware of changes.

As a side note, you will notice that the seasons are divided by level, with the Finales being the transition points between them. Season 1 is the Basic level, two is early Expert, three is late Expert ("Name" level), four is Companion, and five is Master levels. Will there be an Immortal Season? Only Khoronus will tell.

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