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Basic Information

Aleena Halaran, female human
Lawful 12th-level Cleric, Church of Karameikos

Appearance & Personality

Aleena is a classic Thyatian beauty. She's of medium height and build with flowing blonde hair and large, expressive blue eyes. She tends to dress in brightly decorated adventuring gear, but has been known to be coaxed into wearing a formal Thyatian gown for societal affairs.

The niece of Baron Halaran, Aleena dooesn't seem to be the type of person to take up arms. She is quiet, soft-spoken, and has a mild temperment. She often prefers negotiating over combat, no doubt a by-product of her naieve romantic notion that everyone has a good side, if they would just be given the chance.


Fleetwood met Aleena during his first adventure in the caves just outside of Threshold. There, Aleena was meditating when the novice adventurer stumbled upon her prayers. She took Fleetwood under her wing and continued to travel with him briefly when the two of them ran into Bargle the Infamous. Taken by surprise, Aleena was brought down by the wizard's spells. After dispatching Bargle, Fleetwood brought her limp body back to town where she was tended to.

When a relic of the church was stolen by a renegade priestess, it was Aleena who suggested to her elders that Fleetwood be contracted to recover the bell of Chardastes.

Game Statistics

AC: 8 (DEX) or 2 (plate mail+DEX); hp: 39; MOV: 90' (30')
AT: 1 Mace+2; DAM: 1d6+3
STR 13; INT 13; WIS 17; DEX 14; CON 12; CHA 17
Languages: Thyatian, Traladaran
General Skills: Riding+2, Knowledge (C of Karameikos), Knowledge (Threshold)+1, Teaching
Typical Spell Load:
Cure Light x2, Detect Magic, Remove Fear, Bless x2, Hold Person x2, Continual Light, Cure Blindness, Cure Disease, Remove Curse, Cure Serious x2, Neutralize Poison, Commune, Raise Dead, Word of Recall

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