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11 Apr 2011

Almost caught up. I've uploaded more episodes. The party is currently in the middle of Episode 14, so not very many left until I can keep everything current.

24 Mar 2011

I've updated the Game Mechanics section of House Rules. For the most part, these rules are the same as the Rules-as-Written, except for minor tweaks to reflect how they're actually played in-game.

14 Mar 2011

Episodes one through five of the campaign journal is uploaded. That covers all of the solo adventures before the party got together. Next will be TSR's classic module, B3 Palace of the Silver Princess... the party's first group adventure.

6 Mar 2011

Updated the Equipment page, still not complete, but it's getting there. Next on my to-do list: Campaign Journal!

7 Jan 2011

I've started up a new game--playing online via MapTools. Updates are likely to follow.

21 Dec 2010

No updates. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Yule, Hanukkah, Rammadan, Merry Christmas, and/or New Year (as appropriate).

3 Dec 2010

Happy Birthday to me--I'm 30!

17 Aug 2010

I'm back in the States. Updates are likely to be sporadic until I get settled in and figure out a regular routine.

10 July 2010

It's been a long time since I've updated this site. I've just added the NPC page. On a side note, it seems like the "404 File Not Found" redirect page isn't working properly. Please, be patient while this gets worked out.

25 June 2010

After nearly a year, I'm running a new game. Yay!

19 January 2010

The rest of the Gazetteer section is up! I plan to flesh out all the regions described in the "Beyond the Known World" section... later. For now, I'm good with this.

18 January 2010

A good amount of updates have been posted to the Gazetteer section. Everything from Karameikos to Ethengar is up. More to come within the week.

1 January 2010

Not a whole lot going on here, but I do have some good news on the personal front: I am the US Air Force's newest Non-Commissioned Officer! Yay for me! (You can start calling me 'Sarge' now.)

28 December 2009

This website got it's first piece of fan-mail... Thank you, Paul!

3 December 2009

Happy Birthday to me! I'm twenty-nine years old and still playing games...

28 November 2009

The new home is LIVE! (That was quick! Thanks, Angelo.) To celebrate, I've updated the Equipment page. It still needs some work, but the lists for armor and shields are complete. Also added a 404 page for all those broken links.

27 November 2009

I've decided to take Angelo up on his offer, the new URL will become classic.mystara.us. As a result of this change, This website will be renamed "Classic Campaigns". A "live" date for the new URL has not been set.

26 October 2009

Since GeoCities has been shut down, this update will not see the light of day until I've found a new host. I've been offered space by Shawn Stanley at the Vaults of Pandius and Angelo Bertolli at Cyclopedia Mystara WIKI.

13 August 2009

I have arrived at my new duty station in Korea. It may take a while before I get things situated. I plan to get a game started here as soon as possible. Let the awesomeness of Mystara begin!

25 April 2009

When it rains, it pours... Yahoo!, the parent of GeoCities, which has hosted this website since the beginning, has announced that it is discontinuing the GeoCities (free) service. As I have never paid for a website in the past, I will look for free hosting options to continue in the future.

08 April 2009

I am sad to say that Dave Arneson passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. As with Gygax last year, I shall run an Arneson module this weekend with a memorial set of dice placed on the table.

01 Decenber 2008

Ive recently been informed that I'm getting a new assignment in South Korea next year. I don't know how this will affect my updates, but I'll try to keep things current.

24 March 2008

The template I was using for my overhaul, while quite beautiful, wasn't working very well. I've scrapped it for a more simplistic design. I've tried to keep the graphics down, to save page-loading time. Still, I like a little splash of color. All of the data is the same as before.

I've added the General Skills page, but the list is incomplete and missing descriptions.

05 March 2008

I've uploaded the character creation system that I have implimented for my games.

04 March 2008

Sad news. The creator of D&D, Father of Gaming, Mr. E. Gary Gygax passed away this morning. In tribute, at my next gaming session, I will run one of his modules as well as set out an extra set of dice in memorial.

Up first is in the redesign is the Ten Commandments of my games and my own Bio.

03 March 2008

This site hasn't been updated in quite some time and it is due for a major overhaul. With the anouncement of D&D 4e, my MYSTARA d20 project has fallen to the wayside; but at the same time, the reports coming from playtest reports is not very promising. So, I have decided, that since I am recently DMing a new classic Mystara game, it is only fitting that this site's overhaul reflects this.

This overhaul will focus on the classic version of the game--specifically BECMI/RC and the Gazetteers. My aim is to suppliment BECMI/RC with a ton of house rules which will provide gamers and Mystara enthusiants with the variety that the d20 System offers, while at the same time retaining the simplicity and the flexibility of the original rules system.

As this is a complete re-design, it is going to take quite a bit of time. I know that I am a bit of a nutcase, and when I update a new page, I will forget to update the navigation menus. I have placed links for pages I intend to create, but have not yet implimented. If I took the time to link all the unfinished pages to an under construction page, I will forget to update the links once the page is posted. With that in mind, please forgive any broken or missing links.

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