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Basic Information

Felonius, male Chaotic (CN) Magic-User


Darek Felonius is of mixed lineage. His father was a Thyatian soldier and his mother was a Traladaran gypsy. His is not the healthiest man, and it shows. He is prematurely aged, looking closer to his 40's while he is yet to reach 30 years of age. He stands 5'10", not exceptionally tall, but quite lean. His light brown hair has started to gray making him look more blond. He caries a short trimmed beard in contrast to his thinning hair.


As a child, his mother left his father to marry a Traladaran merchant. Since then, he has not used his first name--rejecting that portion of his ancestry. He does have a younger half-brother from his mother in the form of Greegan. His rejection of his mother's heritage does not extend to his brother, and they get along quite well.

Felonius, true to Thyatian tradition was not sheared, rather he was to enlist into the Karameikian army. However, fate interveined as his parents, including his mother's husband, was forced into service of Baron von Hendriks by the wizard known as Bargle. All three perished on that mission. Felonius and Greegan, now orphans, were thrown into the streets of Specularum as penniless urchins.

Felonius did his best to protect his brother, but came upon an oportunity he could not afford to pass up. Working as a minor entertainer on the streets of the capital, he performed any number of sleight-of-hand illusions and tricks. A mysterious merchant, impressed by Felonius's ability, paid for his tuition to the Great School of Magic in far off Glantri City. After forcing his brother to promise to not get in any trouble, he made his way north to study.

After graduating from the Great School, Felonius had determined to return home to find his brother. Along the way, he found himself goaded into an adventure. Travelling through the windswept steppes of Ethengar, he explored the secrets of Lion Castle--earning himself the respect of the ghost of the famed wizard Sargon. He now carries Sargon's ring as his heir.

Upon returning home, he learned that his brother had gone off and become an adventurer. Meeting up with him at the gates to the Palace of the Silver Princess, he has travelled with Greegan and his friends ever since.

While exploring the ruins of Castle Mistamere, Felonius confronted Bargle. There, he learned that his parents did indeed perish by Bargle's hand. Worse yet, he learned that his mysterious benefactor--the man who made it possible for Felonius to become the mage that he is--was none other than Bargle himself.

Recently, thanks to his efforts at uncovering the leaders of the Veiled Society and foiling several plots of the Iron Ring, Felonius was offered a Court Lordship. He declined, prefering not to be bound to any government or the life of a socialite.

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