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The description and costs of the weapons used in the game can be found under the Weapon Mastery page, linked above.


Item AC Cost Encumbrance
Padded 8 5 gp Light
Leather 7 20 gp Light
Scale Mail 6 50 gp Moderate
Chainmail 5 150 gp Moderate
Banded Mail 4 250 gp Moderate
Platemail 3 600 gp Moderate
Suit Armor 0 1,500 gp Heavy

Padded: Padded armor consists of quilted layers of cloth and batting. Commonly worn beneath metal armors to provide extra comfort, padded armor offers very little protection, but can be easily disguised under regular clothing. Leather or cloth gloves and a leather skullcap can be worn in combination with this armor.

Leather: Made of preserved leather, this armor is found in a variety of styles. The most common type is boiled in wax (called cuir-boulli). Other varieties range swen hides (hide armor) to leather reinforced with metal rivets (studded leather). Gloves and a leather skullcap may or may not be worn.

Scale Mail: Scale Mail a suit of padded or leather covered with overlapping pieces of metal. Armor made from large interlaced metal rings worn over a suit of leather armor is called ring mail. Often, scale mail is worn with leather gloves and a metal helmet.

Chainmail: Chainmail consists of a shirt (and sometimes leggings) is made up of thousands of small interlaced, woven rings of metal worn over a padded suit. Chainmail typically includes chain or leather gloves and a chain headpiece (called a coif), but gauntlets and a helm may also be worn.

Banded Mail: This armor is made of overlapping strips of metal swen into a backing of leather and chain. When made from narrow vertical strips of metal rivited onto leather worn over padding this armor is called splint mail. Banded mail is most commonly coupled with metal gauntlets and a helmet.

Platemail: Platemail armor is made up of a solid metal breastplate (sometimes with epauletttes, bracers, and greaves) worn over a suit of leather or chainmail. It may be worn with gauntlets, and most certainly includes a helmet or helm.

Suit Armor: Also called Field Plate or Jousting armor, suit armor is made up of several formed and interlocked plates that cover the entire body. Links of chain or straps of leather are used at the joints to allow for mobility and keep the armor's weight balanced. Suit armor always inclides heavy gauntlets and a full visored helm. Characters wearing suit armor require assistance to don the armor, mount a horse, or stand from a prone position. This type of armor must be custom made for the wearer. A set of suit armor made for an individual other than the wearer must be re-fitted (at a cost of 300 gp) to be usable by the wearer.


Item Cost Size Wood?
Buckler 3 gp Small Yes
Target Shield 6 gp Small No
Round Shield 5 gp Medium Yes
Standard Shield 10 gp Medium No
Wall Shield 15 gp Large Yes
Tower Shield 30 gp Large No

Armor Class: All shields, regardless of type, provide a -1 bonus to Armor Class. Shields do not provide cover against missile targets, except for the specific circumstances described for large shields.

Small: Small circular shields are strapped to the arm, leaving the hand free for other activities such as carrying a torch or using a potion. The AC bonus of the shield is negated during any round in which the shield-arm is not actively being used for defense (i.e. either block an attack or do something else, but not both). Small shields do not affect encumbrance.

Medium: Medium shields, named for their shapes, are held in the hand and strapped to the forearm for stability, these shields must be slung on the back or dropped before the shirld-hand can be used for other activities. Round shields do not affect encumbrance, however Standard shields increase the encumbrance of armor worn by one level.

Large: These large rectangular shields cover a large area of the body extending from the neck to knees. The character may choose to crouch down behind a large shield to gain 3/4 cover from missile attacks. When covered, the character may not attack or do any action that requires movement. Large shields increase the encumbrance of armor worn by one level (moderate becomes heavy, etc.).

Wood: Wooden shields are lighter and may be used be restricted classes such as druids and rangers, but they are less sturdy. Any time a character carrying a wooden shield is hit for maximum damage, the shield has a 30% chance of breaking or shattering, rendering it useless.

Adventuring Gear

Item Cost Description
Bedroll 1 sp Padded sleeping mat
Blanket 5 sp Wool, winter
Grappling hook 25 gp
Hammer 2 gp Small carpenter's hammer
Pitons (12) 1 gp Iron spikes
Lantern, hooded 10 gp
Lantern, bullseye 12 gp
Mirror 10 gp Hand-sized, steel
Oil 2 gp One-pint flask
Pole 1 gp Wooden, 10' long
Rope, hemp 1 gp 50' length
Rope, silk 10 gp 50' length
Stakes, wooden (3) and mallet 3 gp
Tent 10 gp One-man, pitched
Tinder box 3 gp Flint, steel, kindling
Torches (6) 1 gp


Item Cost Description
Backpack 5 gp Capacity 40 lbs.
Pouch, belt 3 ep Capacity 5 lbs.
Quiver or Case 1 gp For 20 arrows or 30 quarrels (bolts)
Sack, small 1 gp Capacity 20 lbs.
Sack, large 2 gp Capacity 60 lbs.


Item Cost Description
Belt 3 sp
Boots, soft 1 gp
Boots, riding 5 gp
Cloak 1 gp
Clothes, average 1 gp Tunic & pants, blouse & skirt, dress, robe, etc.
Clothes, peasant 5 sp See above; barely more than rags
Clothes, middle-class 30 gp See above; merchants, clergy, officials, etc.
Clothes, fine 75 gp See above; a noble's vestments
Clothes, extravagant 200 gp See above; fit for a king
Hat or Cap 7 sp
Shoes 5 sp

Food & Drink

Item Cost Description
Rations, iron 15 gp Preserved food for one person for one week
Rations, standard 5 gp Unpreserved food for one person for one week
Waterskin/Wineskin 1 gp One-quart capacity
Wine 1 gp One quart, wineskin not included

Special Equipment

Item Cost Description
Garlic 5 gp One bulb
Holy water 25 gp Breakable vial
Holy symbol 25 gp
Thieves' Tools 30 gp Lockpicks, wire, etc.
Wolvesbane 10 gp One bunch


Notes: To be implimented at a future date.

Siege Equipment

Notes: To be implimented at a future date.

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