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Episide Four:

Maze of the Ridddling Minotaur

Characters Significant NPCs Location Date Players DM
Touchberry King Trueon of Cathos;
Ahmadi, the boatman;
Princess Lydora
Maze of Kiranjo,
Vacros Island,
Sea of Dread
Fall, 998 AC Mindy Roger

For a long time Touchberry had heard legends about the Island of Vacros; when he was only a child, the stories about evil minotaurs were used to scare him into behaving. Now he is grown, and no longer believes children's stories.

But King Trueon of Cathos is worried: his daughter Princess Lydora has been kidnapped, and he has found clues that she has been taken to the ancient and evil island of Vacros. People whisper rumors that a large and dangerous mazework lies beneath the surface of the island--a mazework that is guarded by minotaurs. Of course many rumors are false, but then again...

Touchberry was hungry and out of money. Word was that the king of Cathos was offering great rewards to anyone who would be willing to accomplish this task for him. That's all he needed to know. Touchberry stowed away on a ship bound for the island of Cathos. Once there, he requested an audience with King Trueon. In return for her rescue, the king offered a small sailing ship, fully staffed, and a letter of marque and trade.

After listening to the full story, Touchberry travelled with his guide, Ahmadi, to the island of Vacros. There, they made their way to the infamous Maze of Kiranjo, where the princess is said to have been kept.

The maze truly was a labyrinth. No sense of order or direction. A corridor might go on for hundreds of feet, or it would dead end, or turn in on itself. You could never tell until you were there. To make things worse, it was not simply a maze, but a test of wits. At every junction, nearly every room, stood a great beast blocking the way, until a riddle was answered correctly. Luckily for him, Touchberry was good at riddles. The vast majority of them, he answered without so much as a moment's hesitation. Those he did not answer, the challenging beast set upon him with a maddening fury. It took nearly a day, and a good bit of patience, but he succeeded in rescuing the princess and bringing her back safely to Cathos.

He took his prize and set sail back for the mainland, landing in the port of Specularum.

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