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Episide Three:

The Ghost of Lion Castle

Characters Significant NPCs Location Date Players DM
Felonius Sargon Sarsdell Tavern, Glantri,
and the Ethengar Steppes
Summer, 998 AC Jeff Roger

Shortly after the completion of his studies at the Great School of Magic in Glantri City, Felonius found himself surrounded by many other fellow students carousing around the tables at Sarsdell Tavern. This evening, as with most evenings, the topic of conversation turned towards the famed wizard Sargon and his mysterious haunted Lion Castle. After a while, the topic became heated, and it was suggested that only the greatest of wizards could even survive a single day in that place. Eventually, one of the patrons offered up a challenge to anyone who would travel to the Lion Castle and return safely. Lots were drawn. Felonius was chosen.

After taking some time to prepare, the Sarsdell tavern keeper gave Felonius a journal and map, explaining that they were enchanted. The journal contained entries of the previous attempts to explore the castle. Maybe the notes of previous adventurers would increase his chances of success. If Felonius were to fail, the map and journal would return to the tavern, letting everyone know what had happened to him.

Ten days of traveling, and he had finally arrived. Scouting the area to make sure the place was safe, Felonius camped for the night, so as to enter the castle first thing in the morning.

The journal proved useful. In it were notes as to what manner of tricks and traps were to be found. At one chamber, the journal mentions, he was to jump forward beneath a portcullis or be trapped forever. Another entry describes how the adventurer was to be the food for a pet panther in the room marked "Pet Food". It also contained notes concerning the way that magic worked differently within the walls of the castle... and which spells didn't work at all.

Felonius was up to the challenge. He entered through the tail at the postern gate to begin his exploration. Room after room, level after level, he explored numerous traps and creatures. The monsters were little more than wild beats--cougars and wolves, who had managed to roam their way into the structure. The magic was little more than cantrips: a spell placed on one room to blow all your hair off your head, another spell used to enhance the aroma of a winery, making you drunk at the smell of the liquor when you walked in. It was the mundane traps which proved to be deadly. Arrow slots and murder holes dropping molten rock on unaware adventurers. The journal pointed out many of these dangers. Those which it did not point out, Felonius made note of after encountering them.

After two days of exploring, Felonius came upon the massive bedchamber of Sargon. The magics of the room compelled Felonius to sleep on the grandiose, canopied bed. During his sleep, Sargon appeared to him. Sargon congratulated Felonius. No one else had been able to last as long as he had. As a token of his respect, Sargon named Felonius as heir to his legacy, and bestowed to him the Lion's Ring.

When he woke, Felonius found that the rind was, indeed, on his finger. He knew that the dream was no dream, and that he had a legacy, and a reputation to uphold. Soon after, Felonius found himself magically transported back to Sarsdell tavern, where he was greeted with great enthusiasm and admiration from his fellow wizards.

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