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Episide Two:

Into the Caves

Characters Significant NPCs Location Date Players DM
Fleetwood none Caves near town,
Threshold, Karameikos
Spring, 998 AC Roger Charlie

The winter had come and gone. Fleetwood was growing weary of manual labor. He took up his equipment and headed back out to the same set of caves he had visited the previous fall. This time, his expedition was to be less eventful, yet more profitable.

Searching through the cave network, Fleetwood came across a small tribe of goblins. Not liking that such monsters were living so close to town, Fleetwood attempted to convince them to leave. Naturally, when that did not work, he changed their minds... by force.

In the course of clearing out the cave of goblins, Fleetwood came across a large creature who, somehow, was able to turn his sword into rust by the mere touch of its tentacles. After that creature was taken care of, it was short order to clear out the rest of the cave complex. The most interesting portion of the whole day, was the discovery of a cache of treasure behind a false door, followed shortly by an encounter with a magically enchanted mouth emanating from the cave wall. The mouth offered Fleetwood a riddle to solve, wagering his entire fortune--double or nothing. "O-T-T-F-F-S-S... what comes next in the sequence?" Taking his time, Fleetwood say and thought. Counting out the possible answers on his fingers... COUNTING! That was it. "E, the answer is E. The first letter for the words of the numbers One through Eight."

Double or nothing. Fleetwood is a rich man.

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