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Campaign Journal

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Episide One:

The First Adventure

Characters Significant NPCs Location Date Players DM
Fleetwood Aleena Halaran;
Bargle the Infamous
Caves near town,
Threshold, Karameikos
Fall, 997 AC Roger Charlie

This adventure began innocently enough as a simple trek into the hills. After accidentally disturbing a goblin, standing outside of one of the many caves in the hills, Fleetwood found himself standing ready to defend his own life at the point of a sword. It did not take long to dispatch the creature, but that did not end things. Curiosity demanded that Fleetwood knew why a goblin was standing guard at a cave so close to town. Investigating further revealed the presence of a human female. This woman, clad in chain-mail armor, was on her knees praying. Not wanting to interrupt her, Fleetwood waited until she was done, before he introduced himself. The woman, she explained, was the Lady Aleena, daughter of Baron Halaran.

Together they explored deeper into the hillside, when they came across a grotesque form of a man, somehow moaning in eerie silence. Aleena stood out, boldly, and commanded that they departed... and they did. Aleena later explained that those of holy spirit have some control over the cursed dead, but they must hurry, for the ghouls would soon be back.

It did not take much longer before the pair learned exactly what the goblin was guarding. Hidden deep within this cave was the wizard known as Bargle--a well known criminal--as well as another goblin guard. Quickly, Bargle used his magic to dispatch Aleena while Fleetwood tried his best to bring down the mage and his henchman. Bargle cast another spell.

With a foggy memory, Fleetwood, for some unknown reason, could not determine why it was that he was fighting with a man as kind and gentle as Bargle. Looking around, he saw that Aleena and a goblin had died at each other's hands. Together Bargle and Fleetwood picked up their bodies, and as much equipment as could be found, and left the caves toward home, running with the ghouls hard on their heels. Once more, Bargle cast another spell.

Fleeetwood awoke with leaves falling about him. He had been sleeping. It was already late afternoon. Quickly discovering what had happened, Fleetwood realized that he had been under the effects of Bargle's magic. He remembered everything that had happened, though he couldn't determine why he acted the way he did. On top of everything else, he had been robbed! As best as he could, Fleetwood gathered up Aleena's body and anything else he could carry, and completed the trip back home. There, he delivered Aleena to the clerics at the Church.

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