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This list will detail all of the class options available to a player. There are five types of classes:

  1. The base classis the standard type of class from which all other classes are based;
  2. The kit is a template applied to the base class upon character creation, otherwise they function exactly like the base class;
    • Note: Normally, only base classes can switch over to a prestige class, Specialty and Kit characters usually cannot.
  3. A prestige class begins their adventuring career as the base class, and some time after name (9th) level, they become the new class by the means described in the class description;
    • Option: At the DM's discretion, a prestige class may begin their adventuring career upon character creation. If a character is not created with a prestige class, they must wait until name level to switch over as a prestige class--the character cannot switch between 1st through 8th levels.
  4. Variant classes are similar to base classes, in that they begin their adventuring career in that class, however variants generally have very specific prerequisites to consider during character creation. Variant classes cannot prestige.
  5. Specialty classes are those with a very specific function and strict prerequisites. Specialties are held in additon to their primary class, experience points are calculated separately for each, and may not always have an associated base class.
Unless otherwise specified, each class functions exactly as they appear in their original sourced document. As always, the DM hass final say as to whether a class is availalbe in a campaign.


Class Type Description Source
Avenger Prestige Ftr A holy (or unholy) warrior who is not bound by the constraints of any sense of law beyond his own Rules Cyclopedia
Barbarian Kit Ftr An untrained warrior from an uncivilized land who fights on ferocious instinct. TBD
Bard Kit Thf A lore-master, teller of tales, performer, and entertainer. TBD
Cleric Base The default cleric class from which all other priests are based upon. Rules Cyclopedia
Druid Prestige Clc A priest of the natural world Rules Cyclopedia
Fighter Base Ftr The default fighter class from which all other warriors are based upon. Rules Cyclopedia
Forester Variant Ftr A human who is adopted by an elven clan and taught their secrets. DotE-Thyatis
Guild Merchant Specialty The creme de la creme of business, whether it be a caravan or a shop-owner, Guild Merchants are not easy to be cheated out of a deal. Gaz 11
Knight Prestige Ftr A warrior who is granted knighthood by a sovereign power, usually a noble or royal leader. Rules Cyclopedia
Magic-User Base MU The default magic-user class from which all other wizards are based upon. Rules Cyclopedia
Merchant-Prince Specialty Pirates and privateers alike, these masters of the high seas are the lords of all marine-bound trade. Gaz 9
Mystic Variant Ftr A monastic warrior who lives a life of quiet contemplation in pursuit of spiritual truth. Rules Cyclopedia
Paladin Prestige Ftr A holy warrior and champion of law and justice. Rules Cyclopedia
Radiance Mage Specialty MU A magic-user who studies the secrets of the artifact known as the Radiance. Gaz 3
Rake Variant Thf A thief-like character who neither steals nor backstabs. DotE-Thyatis
Ranger Prestige Ftr A fighter who learns the ways of the wild-lands of the world. Vaults of Pandius
Shaman Variant Clc The priets of the Ethengarii people who have a unique link to the spirit world. Gaz 12
Shamani Variant MU The spirital leaders of the Atruaghin tribes who earn their powers through a link to their animal guides. Gaz 14
Sorceror Kit MU A wizard with the natural, innate ability to use arcane magic. TBD
Thief Base Thf The default thief class from which all other rogues are based upon. Rules Cyclopedia


Dwarf - Description. RC 23
Dwarf-Cleric - Description. Gaz6
Thorn - Description. Source
Elf - Description. RC 25
Elven Warrior - Description. HWCS
Elven Wizard - Description. Gaz5
Treeekeeper - Description. Gaz5
Halfling - Description. RC 26
Hin Master - Description. Gaz 8
Gnome - Description. RC 293
Skygnome - Description. PC2


Monster races

Specialty Classes

Merchant-Prince - Description. Gaz9
Guild Merchant - Description. Gaz11

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