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Clarion of Chardastes

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Basic Information

Clarion, female Lawful (NG) Cleric of Chardastes


Clarion is a rather short, raven-haired Thyatian. Standing 5'5" with lightly bronzed skin, Clarion appears very much like a classical Thyatian beauty. Her sharp jawline and piercing grey eyes gives her an aura of confidence not found very often amongst women of her social caste.


Clarion's family consists of a myriad of minor nobles that travelled with Duke Stefan from Machetos to help settle Traladara. Her father, being a court lord, was given a parcel of land in the village of Verge. As Clarion grew up caring little for her ancestral lands, being more interested in the local populace, within which she made several childhood friends. At sixteen, she begged her family to allow her to be Sheared "like the local boys were". Her father grudgingly agreed and set Clarion off on her own.

Young Clarion soon found herself overwhelmed by the world around her--no longer protected by her family and their noble status. She left Verge for the "big city". Barely a few miles outside her village, she found herself overcome with the burden she had placed upon herself and broke down on the side of the road to cry. It was then when an aging man came by her side and conforted her. The man took her in, and helped her find her way. This man, Patriarch Sherlane, set Clarion up with the church ladies in Threshold. There she soon became an acolyte of the Church of Karameikos.

One night, after having been given the task of choosing one patron to serve, she sat in the sanctuary meditating when she recieved a vision. In her vision, she was directed to travel to the mythical Haven Valley to purge that land of a great evil. With a newfound resolution and a new purpose in life, she left the safe confines of the church's walls. During her travels she met her future husband, Fleetwood.

Clarion eventually chose a patron to serve, during a minor errand for the Church, she recovered the sacred Bell of Chardastes from a renegade cleric. It was during that mission, when Fleetwood became badly injured, that she chose to dedicate herself to Chardastes. It was to Him that she prayed for guidance. Upon returning, she formally joined the Order of Chardastes where she was given the permanant mission to give homage to The Healer and to reveal His works to all in need.

Some time later, she and her new husband, were offered Court Lordships of their own as well as being inducted into the Order of the Gryphon. Her father was in attendance, where he welcomed her back into the family.

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